Following Sundays eruption of Volcan de Fuego more than 60 people are known to have died, and thousands have been evacuated from their homes. 

Having built homes in the villages directly hit, it is clear that some of our Constru Casa families will have suffered in this tragedy, although the picture is hard to establish.

We are working hard with our partner organisations that work in the villages affected to establish the best way to help. The initial need for basic supplies is being met in some places for now,  but we need to be prepared for the obvious need for housing in the coming weeks and months.

As soon as safe areas can be established, we will work to provide emergency housing in the short term, and work with our partners to help to rebuild these communities.

We are in need of funds to start buying materials so that we can be ready to build for the families displaced by this tragedy.

Please donate and help us to rebuild the lives of these Guatemalans.

Thank You    


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